Working Together


Lyndon Water believes Partnerships must evolve, with closer and more strategic relationships with government entities and agencies and Lyndon Water will always aim to work closely with various  Government and International Agencies along with NGO's to ensure the benefits we offer reach everybody. 
Lyndon Water is a Private Company with a simple goal and that is to transform the world! Simple really if you accept that Water, Food and Energy Poverty are the Biggest threats to Humanity then it is a simple step to understand that our Systems can bring about a truly transformational change and can ease the lives of many millions of people.
We can provide solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems quickly and at scale. We can within 24 months produce over 250,000 tons per year of Plant Based Protein.
This can be replicated throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas. 
We believe that by working with the relevant agencies we can be an integral part of the solution to the Nexus of Water, Food and Energy Poverty.

The Lyndon Water System is focused on  regions where water and food poverty is most acute and where the business will create significant local jobs and employment injecting desperately needed income into the local economies in addition to high quality, cost efficient food and water for both local domestic consumption and export into valuable foreign markets.