Our Technology

Basic Overview of Our Technology 

Lyndon Water produces drinking water, fresh fish and vegetables from otherwise unusable water by the integration of well-established, natural processes.   The process uses very little energy, has low operating costs and is well suited to desert areas with very low land costs.

Much of the world’s artesian water is brackish, that is mildly salty, and not suitable for human or livestock drinking water and not suitable for irrigation.   Lyndon Water proposes to unlock this enormous resource in water stressed areas where demand for clean water continues to grow.   The resulting drinking water can readily compete with existing water sources on a cost and quality basis making this a robust, growth business suitable for many parts of the world.

Lyndon Water uses a very similar process to treat wastewater into potable quality water for industrial recycle. Drinking water is technically possible with very little additional expenditure but this will not be attempted ahead of regional market demand.

In addition to requiring water, locations suffering water stress generally have low agricultural productivity and rely on food imports.   Lyndon Water leverages the availability of clean, fresh water to produce fresh fish and vegetables whilst consuming very little of the water.

Production of clean water and fresh food, the very essentials of life, in locations where there is currently no option but to import, creates a robust business that will improve food and water security for host communities all over the world.