Lyndon Water has developed a transformational and proprietary water treatment system, the "Lyndon Water System" (LWS) that integrates treatment with agriculture and aquaculture.  Virtually any source of water, brackish artesian, municipal or industrial waste can be cleaned to the highest commercial standards.  The Company is developing strategies to deploy its technology in those equatorial regions most affected by water and food poverty (Middle East, India, Africa and Latin America).
Brackish ground water can be demineralised by this photo-desalination process to produce drinking water, particularly valuable in dry, arid desert locations where there is no surface water.  Fish, prawns and fresh salad greens can be produced for local and export markets (increasing food security of supply and reducing reliance on foreign imports) whilst producing superior returns versus more traditional processes. 

Lyndon Water has integrated its own Proprietary Systems along with known technologies into a unique proposition that can provide answers to the Nexus of Water, Food and Energy Poverty. We are working  with willing and committed partners to provide rapid solutions to this ever increasing problem.
Our transformational Systems utilize fast growing aquatic plants (Lemnaceae) to extract and convert nutrients in the water stream into high protein Feed Stock. Along with treating the water to a standard beyond tertiary treated water, allowing the production of Fish, freshwater prawns and a range of  fresh herbs and salad vegetables in volumes and quantities that make a difference.

Our unique integrated plant and fish production facility has been developed to ensure a controlled and hygienic environment for quality food production.   Facilities are modular allowing rapid construction and roll-out in any suitable location.
Lyndon Water commits to the following statement, “Leave no one behind.”  This was the message championed by World Water Day this year."
COVID 19 is going to make the NEXUS of Water, Food and Energy Poverty even worse in the coming months and years.  Lyndon Water has the systems and processes to assist countries and agencies to combat the growing threat.